When I started futureTECH in March 2012, it was to provide the kind of personal technology service that you have been longing for. No more jargon, hassle and frustrating retail visits. No more panic, anxiety and frustrating tech experiences.

In short, the end goal was to deliver technology and knowledge to your door with a personal touch.

Between then and now, I have been fortunate enough to build an amazing network of loyal customers. I have also partnered with companies that are making daily use of my services to offer their own customers world class buying advice and support.

For these companies, it is a new way of doing business.

For me, it is the way business is always done.

Please take a moment to enjoy some of the feedback I have had from people that make my job the most rewarding job on earth.

Thank you.

I am LOVING this Bradley. You are a God send. Thank you for the VERY PROFESSIONAL manner in which you handled our entire upgrade, the honest advice given, the helpfulness, even at 9pm at night. Your business is DEFINITELY going to succeed hugely. Following your passion was the RIGHT DECISION. – Genevieve Behrens (Owner – Genprop)

Bradley knows his Apples! i.e. The Apple ecosystem. He is also expert on Microsoft OS & Office, as well as on computer hardware and network setup and configuration protocols. He really knows his stuff and makes Technology look easy. He also happens to be a great guy. – Claude Warner (Executive Coach and Leadership Alchemist)

I like it!!! Bradley is your TECH man! – Alfie Pegram

Brad is the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to anything. Brad I hope your business takes off well. You’re just a genius on the TECH side of life – Sean Louw

We salute your courage for living your dream!
May futureTECH go from strength to STRENGTH!
Wishing you abundant blessings
-Claude and Jann Warner

Had a proper look at the website. Looks fab! Keep up the good work – Shelley Martin

Heard what fantastic work you do and how you are able to re-cover! please pop in and see my mom! – Meg Kinnell

Thanks Bradley, you are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Cherie Theron of Cherie Theron Photography

FutureTECH provides me with the MAC support I need so I can focus on my clients without the frustration of conflicting software issues. I recommend his service because of his efficiency and holistic competence in everything IT related. – Duncan McDonald for Upstream Media

Bradley Millar is the best Tech man in the world use him! thanks for all your help Bradley! You Flippen Rock! – Sean Louw

Your business will definitely grow immensely – not just because of your ability … but equally because of your manner with clients. YAY – I AM FREE – I NO LONGER HAVE IT STRESS! thanks so much Bradley … I really REALLY appreciate it! – Jane Stevenson of Jane Stevenson & Associates

Another fabulous experience dealing with Bradley Millar of Bradley Millar futureTECH- “Maxpert” of note!!!! Awesome being on the receiving end of top class service!!!! You are a superstar! – Jane Stevenson of Jane Stevenson & Associates

HA! So Bradley Millar can get me onto the wifi system with my Apple Macbook in 2 minutes when another local computer company said my MacBook is incompatible! – Robin Williams

You are hot stuff, Bradley Millar! You have always been a computer whizzkid! You will go far! – Karen Dickson

Thank you Bradley Millar of futureTECH for resurrecting my beloved Mac Cinema Display….you are the man!! – Salvelio Meyer of Salvelio Meyer Videography

Happy birthday Bradley… may you be as spoiled today by your loved ones as you spoil all your clients!!!! – Robin Williams

Just had the most AMAZING service from Bradley Millar – who not only solved my complex IT issues with Mac / Windows / Blackberry … but was more than fair in pricing too! 24 hour turn around to sort all the issues … – you performed a miracle! Magic Man! Seriously – any Mac users out there needing technical support … – he never gives up on a challenge! He seriously blew me away with his attitude and “wont give up till i find the solution” – that’s the differentiating factor – that’s what people want – to be treated with care – not just as a number! High five to Bradley ! – Jane Stevenson of Jane Stevenson & Associates

Bradley is just brilliant with all the techie stuff and a genuinely lovely person too – Louise Liebenberg (Executive Editor of News at Avusa Media)

So super proud of you Bradley, you are the best tech guy out there! Your hard work and dedication always places you ahead of anyone else! – Charista Killian (Associate Lecturer at NMMU School of Architectural Technology and Design)

Bradley! Your website is so alive! There is so much to read! It gives a person everything and I am telling you if I was not busy I would spend most of my time on it.  Wow I must say I like what I see.  It is exactly what people are into.  When I have time I will visit again.  It is MIND BLOWING!  I guess now I understand why you are so busy. – Azola Ngwekazi (Prompt IT Solutions)

Hi Brad, it is wonderful to have such a committed and dedicated young man to give us the tech support and care we need. Thanks a ton. – Elizabeth Devlin-Dugmore (www.enneagrameducation.co.za)

BM future tech is going places! Thank you for your great tech knowledge and assistance! – Cayly Warner

Thanks so much, you’re a life saver! – Denise Foster (Transformation Christian Network)

Thanks for the speedy service! – Eddie Vanpachtenbeke (Jaco Rademeyer Estates)

The best tech service in town, prompt and professional! From cellphone help, to training and web designs… Informed advice and great knowledge, Thank you Bradley Millar! – Charista Killian (Associate Lecturer at NMMU School of Architectural Technology and Design)

Bradley is a knowledgeable and highly creative individual. He adds great value to the field of technology by being punctual, efficient and thorough. – Charista Killian (Associate Lecturer at NMMU School of Architectural Technology and Design)

So from yesterday when I was in tears and the situation seemed hopeless, to today when all of the info from the hard drive of my Mac has been retrieved – all thanks to Bradley Millar!!! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs computer help. – Rozanne Leigh Strydom

Thanks again very much. Your prompt and very friendly help is impressive. – Doctor Mike Henry

I wish to recommend Brad to anyone who needs support, instruction or anything to do with your computer, he is just THE BEST Thanks Brad for everything, much appreciated. – Liz Dugmore (Enneagram PE)